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Gooch Girls are three sisters, Lacey, Britney, and Courtney, born and raised in Fresno, California who learned at a very early age the importance of sisterhood. 

With the launch of Britney's book PUTTING ON FACE, the sisters held a free symposium entitled "My Sister's Keeper," focusing on the importance of financial planning; balancing  career; raising children; being successful no matter where a person begins; and going from powerless to powerful. 

In their own words:

                             We want to encourage minorities, mothers, single mothers, minority                                       women in business, and truly any woman who wants to pursue her                                       purpose and reclaim her time.

Gooch Girls, Inc. has partnered with Founder and CEO Saundra Mosley of Wellness Oasis of California, a healing recovery sewrvice for professional women and adults who are survivors of domestic abuse; providing resources for women who are available in a silent society.


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