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"Putting on Face" this book was simply amazing! I personally know the author Britney Renee but after reading her book I have a different kind of respect for her. The strength that she has shown in being so transparent in this book is so admirable. By the end of the book I found that just reading it helped me in places of my life that I didn't even know I needed help in. When someone can look at their life a little different and say to themselves I now know what I need to do, then I think that is a book worth reading and also worth sharing with other people. I would recommend this book to any person but especially to women, because even though you may think you have it together just reading the scriptures that Britney referenced in her book will be worth it and helpful.  Britney, thank you for your strength and transparency. I continue to pray God's blessings over your life.  Love you.  

                                              - Hilary Daniels

To put your life out there for the world is one of the most courageous things Britney could do and proves how much faith she has as a woman of God. I admire her strength so much and her being able to tell her story to help others that are going through the same thing and seeing the proof that there's always light at the end of the tunnel. She's definitely my inspiration and I just hope this is just the beginning of her journey of being an author.

                                                        - Israa Ibrahim 

Hey Britney, I hope all is well. I just finished reading your book it was so amazing and I appreciate you sharing your story it definitely had an impact on me and I could relate to it. I always thought your life was perfect so I was very emotional reading everything you went through. I think its a must read for every young lady as it showcases many topics most of us face... Your words are so inspiring and I must tell you on a personal note Thank You and I wish you the best moving forward. Take care I will keep you in my prayers. Much love.

                                                              -Taf Wilson

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